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Monday, November 05, 2007



It is deer hunting season here in Minnesota. It is a very big deal. Hunters take deer for both food and sport. Trophy bucks are sent to the taxidermist while the does are processed for food. There are a lot of animal heads on the walls in many homes and business (restaurants especially) in Minnesota. A good taxidermist tries to preserve the animal so that it doesn't look like it is staring at you. ;)

If you like taxidermy, take a look at this:



This blog is nice!
Your English is so great.
I want to link your blog.


I never knew it was called taxidermi!
Thanks for the new vocabulary Mari!


As a child, my favorite place in the world was the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago (http://www.fieldmuseum.org/). The dinosaur skeletons were my favorites, but I also liked the taxidermic animals and the mummies.

I might like a fake head on my wall, if it were from a fake animal like a dragon. Heh, perhaps I could get a dragon head that looks like Shenron from "Dragonball." No more wishes for you, Goku.


Great finds, Mari!

I feel sorry for the little monkeys, though


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