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Friday, November 09, 2007




My dog's name is Casper - I adore him! He's my widdle baby boy! ^-^

Casper is a Westhighland White Terrier and very friendly, so he shares his name with a fanous American Carton character "Casper the Friendly Ghost." But unlike the cartoon Casper, mine is very fiesty and not so friendly with people he doesn't like and bigger dogs (especially other male dogs) - he is a terrier! He has ears and a personality just like Inuyasha ;) ~ and he loooves to hunt rabbits.

I think in the US, dog names are really varied. I think people in the US give child-like, feminine "people" names like Maggie, Molly, Lucky or Sparky to small, toy breeds and more masculine "dog-like" names like Spike, Rufus, Duke, Lady or Scout to bigger breeds.

Marisan wa inu ga arimasuka - inu ga hoshi desuka

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