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Tuesday, December 25, 2007



OMG that is terrific! I admire your work! Guess I am not as up-to-date as your regular fans! I swear I have fallen in love with your blog... Breathtaking writing! You're an outstanding and talented person, keep up the individuality :)


Thanks for posting this


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I am from Flanders. The story is a lot less well-known here, although I have read a comic book that also dealt with the story and how the Japanese like it so much. During the holidays I also bought "Grave of the Fireflies" but like the other commenter, I don't have the nerve to watch it.
(by the way, Didier is a man and not a woman)


A Dog of Flanders is the only thing that's made me get teary-eyed in years. I have Grave of the Fireflies on DVD, but haven't been brave enough to watch it. I'd like to see an animated story of Hachiko, though I'm sure it would have the same result.

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