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Tuesday, December 11, 2007



Thanks for your tips, I think because nuances between Japanese and English are so different that it is hard to translate directly.
Think in Japanese and write in Japanese is the best I would say for me.
I have a long way to go!


I have developed a bad "bakka" habit. On my usual daily commute through traffic hell, instead of shouting explatives in Eigo, I now (without thinking) holler bakka bakka bakka!!! instead...is this a good or bad sign for learning Nihongo?

And a 75-sai obaasan who lives here in MN keeps calling ME "gaijin" (sans bakka :)) - go figure...


Hi Gabukun.
Not sure, I feel I think in Enlish, but I have very poor vocaburary, it affect to my thoughts in English. Strange? make sense?


Hey Mari,
This whole enjyo topic is bad. Why do people want to do such strange things at work? Maybe they are just too bored...
I was wondering, when you write your blog, do you think in Japanese, then translate into English in your head?
Do you try to think AND write in English?
I would like some advice, because I think you are very smart!

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