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Friday, December 14, 2007



The tattoo story is funny! I'm from the UK, too, and my sister got the kanji tattoo for "woman" because she thought it was cool. She was disappointed when I told her the same symbol was on toilet doors all over Japan.


I assume that plagerism is illegal in Japan and those who are caught will be prosecuted.

Speaking of illegal activities, there is a big scandal here in the US over the use of steroids in major league baseball (MLB). A gongressional panel just released their invesigational report which named over 50 players who have allegedly tested positive for or admitted to using steroids. No Japanese ball players were named (those who play for US teams), but I am wondering if Mari-san or anyone else who reads this blog knows if steroid use is a problem in Japanese pro baseball? (or any other sports in Japan)

If you put every anime/manga side-by-side, you're going to see a *lot* of similarities, everywhere. Unless the author's name is something along the lines of "Shirow", "Otomo" or "Takahashi" (or 美水かがみ if you're a らき☆すた fan, like I am) there's going to probably be some quite obvious ripping-off-other-works. Just look at Pokemon/Digimon/whatever-monster-battle-TV-show-where-kids-summon-beasts, am I right?

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