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Thursday, December 06, 2007



Hi there, if you visit Tokyo, please try the Akiba tour, it looks nice.
And if they have American football plan, I think it will be close to Basket ball :-)


Loved the Football Plans page. Too bad they forgot the American Plan, which would be to erase all the lines and redraw them as a gridiron for American Football. Americans, unfortunately, just don't understand soccer.

Marco (マルコ) Bresciani

Hello Mari, thanks to your previous post about Akiba Tour, I took it when I was in Tokyo, past August. I loved it. Mainly the robots shop. Also the guide girl was very nice ;) and kind, together with all other people.
Thank you Mari for having let me found that tour! Even if I post too few comments :( I always read your blog through RSS feed.


I enjoyed that Akihabara tour video. My wife and I will definitely have to take the tour when we finally visit. If we're not careful, though, we might end up spending all of our time in Akihabara!

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