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Tuesday, December 04, 2007



That Cat is now very BIG in the US! She was a balloon in Macy's Thankgsgiving Day Parade. Take a look at Her Royal Cuteness here: http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/11/12/what-if-macys-balloons-were-on-the-fortune-100/


Here are a couple links to the YouTube rat video - if anyome hasn't seen it it's worth a look see!




Just goes to show ya ~ never offend the staff at any restaurant, but even if ya don't, you never know what they're doing to your food before you get it! There was some sort of "mockumentary" produced earlier this year about hamburger fastfood chains in the US. This film exposed rampant unsanitary conditions in restaurant kitchens and the nasty things the staff does to the food before they serve it to clueless customers.

Then there was that real video about a year ago of the Taco Bell in NYC that had hundreds of RATS having an after-hours rave in the store after all the staff had left. Somebody passign buy the closed storefront just happened to notice a lot of strange movement and things scurrying around on the tables (real-life "Ratatouille") and took video with their cell phone and posted it on the internet - that video was aired on the national news! And that particular Taco Bell is still open! (@-@) Eeeeew!!! Why I cook my own meals and eat at home :(-

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