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Thursday, January 10, 2008


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I love sumo wrestlers! I used to live near Ryogaku and could see some wrestlers on the train. I tried to buy binzuke abura for a souvenir in Sumo Town, but couldn't find any.



Whats the difference between azuki and anko? I like azuki but I'm not sure if I have had anko...


Oolong was my first introduction to dorayaki:


I love your blog, Mari!

justin yarnell

hi mari, great blog, i've been reading it for about two years now, it's the only blog that seems to give us foreigners a real taste of japan! keep it up! anyway, my son and i love sumo, and watch it on the "world sport channel" every chance we get. we recently watched "sumo school" and learned about how tough it is to become a professional sumo wrestler. i would love to have your Sumo Banzuke if you haven't already given them away. thanks!


Thank you Brian, I am very glad to know you like Anko!


I finally had a chance to try dorayaki last year, and I liked them a great deal, especially as a snack with tea. Anko can be a challenge for the American palate, perhaps because we are accustomed to beans as a savory rather than sweet food.

(I must admit that I prefer the anko that's a fine paste, rather than the sort that still has bean skins. I don't like being reminded that I'm eating beans ;-)

My wife doesn't care for anything with anko, like dorayaki or anpan. Even so, for our anniversary this year, she visited one of the two Japanese convenience stores in Phoenix, Arizona and bought me some of these as a gift.

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