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Friday, February 01, 2008



ABUNAI!!! Chinese no gyoza zenzen o tabemasen! Please read this article from MSN - Two Chinese food manufacturing companies were indicted today on 13 counts of INTENTIONAL food mislabeling to avoid inspections which lead to the deaths of hundreds of dogs and cats here in the US and sickened thousands. Where there's smoke there's fire...


Chris Kuan


I suspect "Black Day" is like the opposite of "White Day" - instead of returning the affections of your partner, single people celebrate their singularity... :-)

Nick Ramsay

Hey Mari! I think the media have blown the whole Chinese dumplings problem out of proportion. In fact, I've videoed myself eating gyoza - and I feel fine! I'm not afraid of Chinese dumplings


Hi Mari! :)

This is off-topic, but after reading your post about Valentine's Day in Japan, I asked a Korean friend if they also celebrate (and dread) Valentines's Day like the Japanese. She said they do and that they also celebrate "black day" for people who are single - what is black day?


Last year, there was a big scare here in the US over poison dog and cat food with an ingredient made in China. Also last lear (2007) there were many bans on toys made in China as they were painted with paint very high in lead! I never buy ANYTHING made in China if I can help it - this news just makes me more suspicious of Chinese businesses in general. I wonder if people in China get sick like this, and the Chinese government covers it up and kills any journalists who try to expose such important stories!

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