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Monday, February 18, 2008


ugg store

AGGGHHHH!!! I missed it all AGAIN. You need to give a clue, as to when you're going to post your stash!


Atashi wa Nihon no ocha suki desu - totemo genki desune! Doshite Nihonjin wa America no coffee chain-ya no coffee onomimasuka
Genkijanai to totemo takai desumo...

And another reason I like Japan so much! Any culture that appreciates and cherishes the doggies that much has to be a pretty good place! I adore my feisty westie, Casper, but he'd bite me if I made him wear a samurai doggie suit of armor! ^-^;

In China, apparenty many people, NOT poor people, STILL eat dog and consider it a delicacy! Dogs are kept alive in wooden crates like chickens in "meat shops" and cruely, coldheartedly slaughtered and packaged for a meal when orderd - like a fido Big Mac! (@-@) Nasty McEvil!!! Atashi wa zenzen China ni ikitaidesuyo!

Nick Ramsay

I prefer Komeda coffee myself! And you get free nuts, too! :)


Starbucks is the only coffee shop in Japan that consistently has both decaffeinated coffee and nonfat milk available. Not many Japanese people want either but I find having the option useful. Great blog!

Jim S

I respectfully disagree about Starbucks. I think Tully's is better and in Kyoto we found a couple of very good local coffee houses. Love your blog, BTW.

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