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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


UGG Mayfaire

I like the boots.People put on thick coats, scarves and boots.A wise king would not want his friends and officials to lick his boots.Then, performing her song, she emerged from a traditional red phone booth in a studded PVC corset with plumes on her shoulders, knee-high boots and fishnet tights.

hi all :)


hi there thank you very much for your warm words. HAI GAMBARIMASU!


Hello Mari! ^__^
Please continue to keep your good work of blogging! I enjoy reading and learning so many things from here!

(Msg all the way from New Zealand)


Thanks! I hope so, too!


I hope that you continue to enjoy updating your blog. I enjoy reading it. You find very interesting subjects. Gambatte kudasai!

Marco Bresciani (マルコ·ブレシャ−二)

Wow! I always loved kaomoji! Have you seen this? http://jankey.hp.infoseek.co.jp/kaomoj.shtml Sooo many!


Hi Mari!

Thanks for adding my blog! I actually use the same name Mari sometimes but my real name is Marie.

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