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Monday, February 25, 2008



That's way the bestest asnwre so far!


Actually Tsuyoshi is from Nara and Koichi is from Hyogo ^__-


I want to buy a Kinki University shirt!
By the way, are there any English places which sound funny to Japanese people?


Ha ha ha Kinki fish is not mean kansai fish. it has just name "Kinki", "kinki kids" mean Kansai boys because they came from Osaka.


Would that be 特大きんき煮付け? Sorry I do not read Japanese. In the market here in Los Angeles, it is called Kinki fish. Here is an image: http://nakatsu-uoichi.co.jp/fish/health/backnumber/200602.html


one of my favourite Japanese groups is Kinki Kids, and I really feel uneasy when I happen to talk about them with people who don't know Japan. ^^;;

Chris Kuan

When I visited Osaka, I stayed in the "Hotel KINKI". Cheap, and close to Umeda station, but the mall is full of men in black suits at night...

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