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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I Like Gyudon

I like the gyudon in Yoshinoya too. Trying to be a vegetarian but failing...


I have never been Yoshonoya.
It makes me feel pity.
I wish I can try if I have a chance.
'Cause I'm not in japan.


hi drebes, yes odakyu is hell. I will die from stress if I can't have women only train car. The car is much better.

Yes, I can't see the real movie at any rate.
If I have to watch it by clockwork orange way. I will die too.....

Neil Duckett

Yoshinoya no, i'm more of a Sukiya man myself, i will give it a go at some stage though.


"Grave of Fireflies" was one of the first Japanese animated movies I ever saw. I am really looking forward to the live one, even tough it might be weird to watch it in a theater.


"Grave of the Fireflies" was one of the saddest movies, I had ever seen. I can't watch the real version.


I used to take the Odakyu line to get to my lab. It's just too crowded, with the staff pushing people into the trains. I shot a video of it, at Seijogakuenmae. Now I'm living near the Keio line, much better. :)

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