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Monday, March 03, 2008



The best way to convince a fool that he is wrong is to let him have his own way.


Hello everybody, how do you do
My name's Pigeon Johnny
LA symph's the company
I remember what you're opinion
Who is this fool
My prestige's Pigeon Johnny
I prepare the ladies drool
Not indeed but it sounds self-control yet

ethanol plant proposed

Whats Up
Its not actually my practice to post comments, but My bro thought My bro would say that this was ubercool.
Yours Sincerly

Try Acai berry

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mss @ nipponDAZE

In America, the corn dog is a popular food at County or State Fairs (which are the American agricultural equivalents of a matsuri 祭り). They are served on a stick, so you can eat them while walking around the festival.

According to one source I found, "The corn dog was invented by Neil Fletcher in 1942 for the Texas State Fair."


apparently japanese curry is based on british curry. and according to an old respectable restaurant in Osaka that claims to have invented Omurice, it was based on the chef's experiences studying in France and then trying to make a hybrid french/japanese dish.


An American dog is from the US and it's called a corn dog because the stuff around it is made from Corn Meal (like corn bread).


What a wonderfully informative list - I'd never heard of a few dishes (like the turkey rice!).


oups didnt see u listed the 洋食 only .. my bad


you forgot tempura ‐ all time westeners favourite - introduced by portugese.. :)

then there are all kinds of メン from china

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