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Tuesday, March 18, 2008



I dated a guy who wore a pink shirt....but I hated that shirt!

A guy can only wear pink if it is to support prevention/awareness of breast cancer. Otherwise, I think it looks dorky.

I prefer brown, blue, grey, and/or white.

Neil Duckett

I own 3 pink shirts, love them! .... and i know quite a few Hetro Aussie males who have no problems wearing pink.


thank you for your comments. I am glad to know some enjoy pink to wear. I really think it is nice color to wear for guys. However I don't waer pink, I don't know why. When I was four or five years old, my mom said I started to refuse to wear pink. It will be my basic sprit issuee. ha ha ha


Yay for light blue and off white~ But bleh for pink, I'm gay and I don't like the colour pink... dare I say it's too gay?

I don't see that many guys in London with pink shirts either, maybe it's a cultural thing.

oh and grey really depends on the fabric.

Marco Bresciani

I have three different pink-coloured shirts. I enjoy wearing them and my girlfriend can assure you I'm not gay! ;-)

I always enjoy your blog: sorry for sending few comments. :(


A few years ago in America there was a big "Real Men Wear Pink" campaign for breast cancer awareness. I saw a lot of pink bandannas and shirts on motorcycle riders for some time.

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