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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Chris Kuan


When I was in Japan during the Winter Olympics, the TV showed mostly ice-skating and curling! Obviously the interest is there as well :-)


Wow - the LAST place on Earth I would expect to hear a "curling" analogy is Japan! ^-^; Curling is a very nuck thing...I will make a prediction that for 2009, the new recruit type will be trolling...;) If Mari-san gets that one right, I will be very impressed!


My friend's father name is Hideyoshi 秀吉, he said it meant very good luck... but I doubt I would name a child that ^^;

He mentioned Kichirou 吉郎 is a good luck name too.


My mother's name is Sachiko. So this explains a lot! *^_^*


Taki is a very unlucky name. :(

M. Nestor

Sachiko is the unlucky female name from Ai Yazawa's Nana series too, right?

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