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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


fat burners

Yasumasa Morimura is my favorite Japanesse artist. I appreciate his work.

air max 90

Science and technology is the first productive force


Hi Mari,

I have to say thank you!
A couple of weeks ago you mentioned 夜景列車 so I 応募した。Then 抽選を当たった! おかげさまで!
It is tomorrow night (22nd) so I hope to have some pics on my blog!
Thank you

Marco Bresciani (マルコ·ブレシャ−二)

Nice! Didn't know that! Why "www" for laughing?


Windows Vista toilet paper -- I had to laugh at this. I program Microsoft .Net systems, but all of my colleagues and I hate Vista.

Well, I have one very young colleague who likes it, but he admits that he's a Microsoft "fanboy." He even bought a Microsoft Zune.

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