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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Chris Kuan

There is a funny story about the VA for Belldandy in Ah, Megami-sama! (Inoue Kikuko)

Apparently she has a habit of touching the food displays outside restaurants... she has had a couple of shocks when the samples turn out to be real! (^_^);


SMAP = Menudo = Backstreet Boys = Mickey Goofy Donald SpongebobSquarepants Shin-chan ~ no matter where they come from or what language they sing, they all look and sound the same to me (#-#)

Food samples: I loooooved those in Japan! You never have to guess at what you actually get for the $$$! In the US, restaurants hire some froo-froo fancy menu writer and the customer is left to ask "where's the beef!?" ;)

In Japan, at places where my Nihongo was too horrible and understandably no-one spoke very good Eigo, via communication with polite gestures ^-^; the waitstaff were always kind enough to come out front so I could just point to whatever I wanted to order. I had some great donburi that way!


ahhhhhhhh! Sorry Neil I fixed them. Thanks

Neil Duckett

All the links have a little too much http in them Mari.

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