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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Puma Ducati Testastretta

This is my third pair of MBTs. Like the other shoes, they run a bit wide and yet I have to order a size larger than my usual shoe size. Obviously not a deterrent for this fan. These shoes are light and cool. I feel like I'm hovering as I walk. I'm on my feet and going up-down stairs several times a day.


hi martin
you knew surume makes you thirsty?! Ah sea food is okay for you?

Neil Duckett

Love those knives too .... they are very unique.

Martin F

Yes, he has gone...

That is perfectly written, and Kuniyoshi rules.

Surume makes you thirsty... I have no comment about that, sometimes Wikipedia is way too much.

Hey Mari, how popular is your blog, let us know!

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