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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


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What a lucky guy!
By the way, The issue which is related to Tokyo that has called my attention the most, was about a guy who took eleven years to take shots of Tokyo's solitary streets, which is completely unusual in such a overcrowded city.


That one is specifically called a "Giant Isopod."

The little ones are kind of cute; some live in fish mouths. One time we caught a perch in California, we took the fish home and cooked and ate it. When we were about to throw the heads and guts away, we looked at the garbage bag, and this little white isopod was sitting there, still alive, angry that we ate his home.


iso come from isos in Greek! Thank you Chris.

Chris Kuan

Ah, no Mari...

The "iso" in "isopod" comes from Greek word "isos" which means "equal".

Just co-incidence that this animal lives in the sea and also "iso" is the Japanese sea shore...


isopod! iso means sea shore in Japanese. related to that???


Isopod? I have always called them "pill bugs" becasue they roll up in a ball when you touch them and they look like little pills. They are absolutely harmless, here in MN anyway. They live in basements mostly. The basement centipedes (hirjiri?) are relatively harmless here too, but if I ever see a mugade, I'll climb the wall to escape it! Totemo kowaii to abunai!(@-@)

Ora Tokyo sa ikuda - I have a friend from Aomori! Thanks for the link, mari-san! I will send it to her, and when I see her on Saturday, I will say "ora tokyo sa ikuda" just to see the look on her face! ;)


It's called an isopod.


I saw some in Chiba on the Boso peninsula before. Of course, they were only about 3cm long.

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