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Friday, April 18, 2008



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thanks you Heidi, yes I think Japanese girls are so fashionable and have pretty good sense. I am not sure about me though.


Japanese fashion: When in Japan in 2005, I felt like the worst slob on Earth! :( Even the bums in the park were dressed with more class than me! If God grant's my prayers and I do eventually find a job in Japan, I am already stressing over what to wear everyday!!

Both men and women were dressed totemi kokoi - especially compared to where I come from, and on Sunday, all the obasan were wearing their beautiful kimono!

Between the high school girls in their adorable uniforms and the business gals in their perfect, latest designer clothes, how can a goofy fashion sense-less gaijin gal like me compete for all those GORGEOUS, perfectly groomed Japanese guys in their Armani suits? Good gravy even the pizza delivery guy and the construciton guys were hot!

I felt like Osaka-chan surrounded by Sakaki-sans (Azumanga Diaoh humor! ;))

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