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Monday, April 14, 2008


Metro Etherrnet

I like all your posts but this information isn't clear for me I will try to research information regarding the issue because I am really interested about this... I would like to know where I could found more about?

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Very interesting information to keep handy for when i travel sometimes is important to know so u dont end up like me stuck in Gambia for Ramadan.


Lulu thank you for your comments.
Yes I agree, I don't think we are non religious people.


While a lot of Japanese people are unsure about what religion they are I wouldn`t say they are non-religious. If someone dies then usually the family will have a funeral at the buddist temple. If people have babies they usually take them to a shrine right? And the mother will dress in kimono (sometimes). Some people have shinto weddings at shrines....

Most Japanese people I know will definitely visit (Unless they are strict buddhist) a shrine around new year. A lot of families still have kamidana also!

In Australia, there are certainly very religious people but others while they may say they are Catholic, or Anglican might not have set foot in a church for 10 yrs or more (I was born and baptised Catholic but rarely go to church or pray)......Will have to check out where they ranked Australia!

I also wonder how they determined which countries were more religious than others. I have never thought of Japan as a `non-religious` country before....

Thanks for the links! Have a nice day!

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