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Wednesday, May 07, 2008



Mos Burger in Thailand is doing great for selling their food. It opened about a year ago, they just open the third branch around March 2008. What you can see at Mos Buger shops here, is crowed people all the time.


Japanese Power plant info: Honto?!? (@-@) kowaiine!

Domo arigatou

"Of the world’s 400 nuclear power plants, 55 are in Japan, including the world’s largest" - that's 20% located in one of the world's most seismicly active zones.. 戦慄~


@Heidi: nuclear power plants... lots of them


Pizza: Deep dish Chicago style - nothin' better on the planet! :)-

I do love "real" Italian pizza, too, like Alice describes, but there ain't nothin' on earth like Chicago style deep dish pizza!


Hi Mari-san ^-^

This post is off-topic, but I am very curious about something. I know you are very busy, especially lately (good busy!), but if anyone who lives in Japan can tell me, how does Japan produce its power? Does Japan have its own hydoelectric or other domestic power plants, or does Japan import coal and oil to produce the nation's electricity?

Alice from Italy

I cant' believe in Asia exist a "pizza like" this... I'm italian and for me pizza means the real recipe of this traditional dish from my country, only tomato sauce, mozzarella, oregano and a thin dought baked in oven.

Good look for your job!
Take care.



I would like to eat Mos Burgers

Can you kuro neko overnight express to Los Angeles? j/k.

No problem from the earthquakes today??

Marco Bresciani

ganbatteeeeeeee good luck for your job!


That rice burger looks good...Is it difficult to eat it like that?

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