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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Where did you hear that bit about Google wanting to acquire Goo??


Hi Ussi

sorry for delay to reply, You can say
BANZAI SANSHO SHIMASHO and then say BANZAI! people will follow you. Thanks


weLL, i think that u have a big knowledge bout japan.

actually, i have a big job for my graduate ceremony. I must speech in japanese in front of people, even they dunno if i make a mistake, but i wanna make my speech perfect.
I love to make a simple speech just like in gokusen dorama.

and i need an example. Just a word. Can u help me, where i can found that in internet?
Or you can help me to make it?

this is the scenario :
i wanna make audience to say "Banzai" three times and then i just wanna say everything i want. I need approximately 4 minutes.

Well, i don't want to disturb you anyway, so if u don't wanna help me, just ignore it.
Anyway, douzou yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

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