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Monday, May 26, 2008


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knowing something of everything and everything of something.


This video is irresponsible and thoughtless. More than that, it is low, basic instincts. Not to mention that it shows totally frustrated rabbits, and preventing them to mount, as done here, only renders them more aggressive and eager to mate again.
It is furthermore an insult to all those who try to spread the word about spaying and neutering rabbits, both to avoid unwanted offspring that end in shelters and/or will be killed, and for health reasons (high incidence of uterine cancer in females).



tbh, your comment makes me consider nominating you to be neutered so the world won't have to put up with so many unwanted babies like you.


Hi there.
Tal, I am very sorry if I made you feel bad. Hope you still read my blog when you have time. For me, it was funny and I wanted to share it.


@Tal: I understand how you feel about these rabbits, but you don't have to attack Mari for posting a link to the video. If you don't like something, then that is fine, but don't throw around words like "irresponsible and thoughtless".

Why is it "irresponsible"? It's not like because of her post, other rabbits will see this video and decide to behave like, well, rabbits. How would she be "responsible" for their behavior?

Words like "irresponsible and thoughtless" are better reserved for the domain of political correctness, where people hide under a facade of "correctness".

This is HER blog, and if she wishes to post something that she finds funny, that is her right. Your right is to decide whether you want to continue reading her posts or not.


Tal Saarony

Actually, this is not funny at all. From the rabbits' behavior, they are obviously not neutered. How many unwanted baby rabbits will be born as a result of this? What will happen to them? Will they be stuck in a tiny miserable cage all their lives? Or destroyed, as there are already so many homeless pet rabbits? Or used as snake food?
I normally enjoy your blog very much, but this post was irresponsible and thoughtless.

Neil Duckett

Sometimes i wish i was a rabbit ;>)

Chris Kuan

Ahahahaaa... Ramiel

Good one, Mari! :D

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