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Monday, June 02, 2008


new jordans

A friend is, as it were, a second self.


Hi gab kun.
This year, we will have walking on November. One of walking freind will have wedding on Oct. And she said she want to make best condition until Oct. I will tell you the detail when it is getting closer. see you.
Ricardo, I bought it in 1999. In Japan such big electiric machine has 10 years life long. I found the guy who pick it up by 3500yen. I will ask him.


Hey Mari,
congrats on your new job!
Are you going to do the Yamanote Walk this year? please email me if you can.

Brian Martinez

That VW Polo ad was never an official VW ad; someone did it as a joke.



Hmmm, when you buy a washing machine(or anything big like a refrigerator) in the UK, the same guys that deliver the new one take away the old one(if you so wish). Saves a lot of hassle ^^

Oh and you can blame 4chan about pedobear XD

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