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Tuesday, June 24, 2008



Various parts of the county or a diverse country may well have provided a

retro air jordans

I wandered lonely as a cloud !


Don't be silly...your blog is one of the BEST!!! Ichiban!


Don't be silly...your blog is one of the BEST!!! Ichiban!


Don't be silly...your blog is one of the BEST!!! Ichiban!


hi there, weep weep, thank you very much. I am so happy to have such warm words and advice. Hontoni Domo Arigato. Gambarimasu.


I vote My Neighbor Totoro as #1. (^_^)


Dear Mari,

why do you think that your blog is so-so ?
Is it because there are not enough replies ?
I read your blog daily, but on most topics I have little to say.

I think you're doing very well. What people expect when they visit your site, is you talking about 'life in Tokyo' or life in Japan. And that is what you are doing...

Keep posting!


No Cowboy Bebop? Eva? Well, at least Yamato made it. Gundam? I figured that would make it in some form. Which Gundam is the question...

I like First Gundam and then Zeta in that order.



I've been reading your blog for years. You always have such interesting topics. Topics will come up in conversation that you blogged about days or weeks before. I've searched through the archives to get information about something you've written about.

It would be interesting to hear more about you, if there are things you would want to write about on the internet. But don't change too much, this is the only blog I read because it's the best one out there.


But I like your blog as it is. Lots of neat things to read about.


I have an idea for your blog : how about a smaller font ?

Marco Bresciani (マルコ·ブレシャ−二)

Hello dear Mari,
I always read your blog from the RSS feed... Promise I'll read it more frequently from the site and comment.

Please, go on as you are doing now. I love your blogging style and you always write interesting topics. (^_^)



Uwaa, you guys are so lucky you get interesting stuff on your stamps. In the UK, stamps are only allowed to have the picture of the current Monarch(and no other person) or a scenery of something that has no branding or product placement. It's always been like that since the Penny Black(incidentally the world first postage stamp - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penny_Black).

Anyway, enough of a history lesson, as for your blog... hmm =_=. Maybe you should get a camera and do more personal/original blogging. Although I do enjoy how you collect interesting stuff from around the internet and share it, then summarise so well >.> Albeit, sometimes so delightfully random~
I'll get back to you on that one ^^;;;

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