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Thursday, July 03, 2008



Hi Heidi
thank you very much for your warm words, I will be okay soon. I'm in just confusing to learn so so many new things. My dream job is FREE, not job!! just right now. Hi Brian, I am glad to know you like it :-) Hi Jeff, thank you very much for your reading, welcome your comment always.


Mari-san: New job got you down? Honto taihen desune to odaijini demo ima 7-gatsu desu - ganbatte - remember, it could always be worse. At least you don't have to clean public toilets or work in a bonito factory to make a living! ;) Soon it will be 8-gatsu and you can take out your frustration by smashing a suika on the beach! That sounds like a lot of fun!

What would be your dream job?

It sounds silly, but if money were no obstacle, I would really love to drive a Zamboni or bottle feed baby tigers all day long...onsen rating might be a good gig too! ;)


That origami video made me laugh so loudly that everyone in my office thought I was crazy. Fortunately, most of my coworkers were out to lunch.


Hi Mari, I read your blog every once in a while (and link to it from my blog) but this is my first comment.

The funny thing about the "fan death" legend is that I have to have a fan on at night to fall asleep, and originally my wife (who is also Japanese) believed this legend too. So she was really afraid of the way I sleep, and I had to show her all sorts of web sites before I could convince her that the legend was not true. I've been sleeping with a fan on for about 20 years and I'm still here :)

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