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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


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Early to bed and early to rise,makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise.

Heidi (proud canuck!)

No sarcasm in Japan? NOT! ;) I just went to a great rakugo (Japanese "sit-down" comedy) performance last weekend and there were lots of jabs at both cultures and loads of seriously funny sarcasm - bilingual even! It was a hoot in both Nihongo and Eigo - even a little potty humor! I would love to see rakugo in Japan! One of the many reasons I looove Japanese culture - great sense of humor - especially about themselves!

Best/funniest tv gameshows on the planet are made in Japan! In fact, J-tv is so funny, there is a new tv show airing on ABC this summer called "I survived a Japanese Gameshow!" I'm gonna watch! ^-^

The world, "other" cultures (beside your own), sarcasm and jokes: The world would be a much more peacful place - like Canada? ;) (especially lately) if everyone didn't take themselves so seriously, lightened up a little and laughed at themselves at least once in a while. Geeze louize, what a fun world it would be if we solved international crises with comedey contests instead of bombs, guns and war games!

Mari-san, so what do your 'nuck friends talk too much about? Let me guess...politics (especially American), hockey and beer. ;)


i didn't like the titanic joke so much. the part about the japanese was lacking (do all the same what?). i may have enjoyed it more if it was about japanese people singing karaoke on the titanic. www

it's never easy to make a joke about another culture. no one wants to feel insulted. it's always been a problem here in america considering we have many different cultures. some foreigners (any, not just americans) in japan may dislike this kind of humor.


personally, i don't mind so much w


i dont get the sarcasm either.. just seems like a stupid ill written joke.


I love the joke, but it uses sarcasm, something japanese don't understand. So a lot of foreign jokes fail, because this is something that doesn't exist in Japan and it's culture.

Neil Duckett

Peter, same with me, LOVE it here, but the sheep mentality is a pretty easy one to play on with the Japanese ... and the peace sign .... not big ANYWHERE else in the world .... do the kids even know what they are doing and why?


Yes Peace!! It's hard to tell make joke about canadian. However I have some impression for canadian personaly. All my canadian friends tend to talk too much and play anything by his rule.


Ok, Mari and anyone else out there who posts here, what do you think about Canadians? What would the 'Nuck on the Titanic do? ;)

(Lash the deck chairs together with duct tape to make a raft, find all the beer, put the beer on the raft, swim the raft over to the iceberg and hang out on the iceberg and drink the beer and wait until winter's over - like we do for six months of the year anyway ;))


Don't get me wrong, I am very fond of Japan. My wife is Japanese but Japanese people love to copy each other so 'everybody do the same' is very true indeed. All Japanese people love to show the peace sign when having their photo taken, Europeans never do this!


I... don't get it.

Sumimasen, sore wa wakarimasen.

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