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Tuesday, July 15, 2008



2012 Summer Olympics will be held in London. As one who lives in Chicago, I truly hope 2016 Olympics will be held in Tokyo. For one, Chicago does not have the necessary mass transit (subway, bus, rail) - the traffic is bad now, it would be insurmountable with such a large influx of visitors. The proposed Olympic Village site (now mostly occupied by a bankrupt hospital) involves cleaning up hazardous waste, like asbestos and lead. The surrounding community, many of whom are lower-income people of color, strongly believes construction of the Olympic Village will destroy their community. Tokyo is much better suited to host the Olympics than Chicago - safe, clean, easy to get around, plenty of hotel rooms...


I like the cover for Izu -- that's a great book -- Kawabata is a favorite author of mine, along with Tanizaki ("Sisters Makioka" is his masterpiece) and I really liked "Kokoro" by Soseki. I also enjoyed a book by Banana Yoshimoto as well -- love her name.

Jared Busch

The 2012 Olympic games will be held in London. 2016 is what Tokyo is trying to get.



Hi iris

Thank you very much for your comments. My favorite Japanese author is Mishima. But I love American lit, Truman Capote, Paul Auster, John Irving.


Hi Mari,

Interesting post...I wondered about this topic when I saw more and more Japanese writing was horizontal. By the way, I am curious...who are some of your favorite authors or favorite books?
Have a nice day!

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