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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


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*And you know, become friends, I was most happy.


Cool game there. Super Kazehiki Wanko kinda reminds me of a more intense Operation.


Chris Kuan's comment is right, apparently the Evangelion toy in the movie was from Williams' personal collection. Also, he named his daughter Zelda after the video game series. And he's done game presentations for the upcoming video game SPORE. By all reports he's a bit of a nerd.


I just took a look at the "Super Kazehiki Wanko" site.

I have this urge to feel what "Relax Slime" and "Elegance Slime" feel like.

Neil Duckett

It must be the child coming out of me but i found the perverted article and the Kancho game hilarious. Not sure about the kids but get a few Japanese boys together in a bar after a few beers and it's not uncommon to find some have a strange fixation with wanting to know about the size of foreign dicks ... make for a funny night if nothing else!

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have you seen this?


boku wa kawaii to omshiroi to omoimashita.

(i tried to send this to your email ([email protected]) but it came back.

seattle, wa

Kim Laughton

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhSjtXKsSJQ - seen?

Chris Kuan

In the movie _One Hour Photo_ I think the character played by Robin Williams gives an Evangelion model to the child.

It is said that this idea came from Robin Williams himself, so he must at least have known about the popularity of Eva...

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