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Monday, August 25, 2008


make money selling bigs ticket items


When I make bento and need to cut nori shapes I use the scrapbook paper cutters. It looks like the nori shape cutter there. But I think it might be cheaper. =)


wow in England do you hung clothes outside!! I stayed my host house a long time ago, they use dryer, so I didn't know that.


In Britain we hang our clothes outside to dry too :)


I know that 'f' and 'h' are often a problem for Japanese English students, because those letters are almost the same in Japanese.

Please note:
'hold' = 抱く
'fold' = 畳む
Of course, 'T-Shirt holding pad' (Tシャツを抱くボード) sounds very strange both in Japanese and English. :)

Thank you for the very interesting post!

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