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Thursday, August 14, 2008


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Crazy story. I don't like such mixes of religions.

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I see this manga too. It is first time I see manga about Jesus.

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I'm italian girl. this manga it' s fantastic, but i don't buy it becouse as not yet arrived, I read the original in original language.
(sorry if I write badly, do not speak good English) milli ^^


I don't know about Buddha.

Jesus Christ has appeared as a character in some American webcomics, such as Penny Arcade and Alien Loves Predator so it's not impossible.

These are not mainstream comics.




That's a fair statement, but there are soooo many manga (and anime) series that incorporate aspects of some sort of spirituality into their story lines that I do wonder what most Japanese believe. I think manga is such a big part of Japanese popular culture that it must reflect at least some aspects of Japanese spiritual beliefs.

I agree that this one particular manga by itself is not a definitive profile of Japanese spiritual beliefs (it's just a comedy manga for entertainment as you put it), but then why are so many manga and anime stories focused on spirituality or include very obvious aspects of spirituality?

Most American comics/cartoons (children's or adult) rarely focus on any sort of spirituality, while many Americans claim to attend church regularly; I don't know if Japanese attend religions serivces of any kind as regularly as Americans claim to, but it's interesting (to me) that one culture seems to seek spirituality in organized religion (American) while the Japanese seem to seek it in their popular culture (manga). I just wonder why this is...


"This manga is a very interesting insight into how Japanese interpret religion, Christianity" - Heidi

Oh, I hope you don't really believe that. That's like saying the movie Dogma is insight into how Americans interpret religion and Christianity. I hope you can see the error in making such a generalization. It's just a comedy manga for entertainment, I wouldn't read that much into it.

It does seem interesting, I'd read it if I could.


I really want to read this, but I'm afraid the chances of this manga being translated into English and published are pretty small, due to the easy perception of the content being sacrilegious or disrespectful.

It's obvious that the characters are amusing and that the manga is not mean-spirited, but many of the people in the center of the United States, for example, aren't generally known for being very broad-minded.


Jesus looking like Johnny Depp and hanging out with Yakuza. This is awesome!

Im going to have to import this.


I agree with Marco's comment -- I think this sounds like a very interesting manga. I will definitely look for it.

Although there are certainly people in the US who would find the subject offensive, even more disrespectful stories are routinely published here.

The biggest problem with publishing this manga in the US would probably be the Japanese cultural references, I think. Most Americans wouldn't understand the jokes.


I am a born again Christian, and I think many Christians would be very offended by this story. I have many friends from Tibet who are very devout Buddhists who would be horrified at such a depiction of Buddha.

I guess I am not personally offended because I don't think the author is intentionally disrespecting either Christ of Buddha. I see this as most likely the author's lack of genuine familiarity with the Bible and who Christ really is (and Buddha and Buddhism? - I don't know the particulars of Buddhism, but I do know that the Dali Lama and Buddha are as revered as "holy" as Jesus Christ is to Christians, by Buddhists (Tibetan Buddhists anyway).

This manga is a very interesting insight into how Japanese interpret religion, Christianity and Buddhism specifcially, because both religions have a long, complex and fascinating history in Japan.

It's very interesting to me how many manga writers seem to combine aspects of sprituality with Christianity, Buddhism and Shinto. I hope if people who read this manga are genuinely interested in discovering who Christ and Buddha really are, they will put down the manga and pick up the Bible or Buddhist scriptures to get the real story.

Marco Bresciani (マルコ·ブレシャ−二)


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