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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


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We can enjoy life better when we are healthy,Photos is to leave memories for the future of yourself.

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The new post of your blog is very brilliant!I enjoys your blog quite a lot and at the same time, I had learned a lot from YOU. Today is monday. WISH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY HAPPY AND HEALTH!


ガリガリくん だいすき!



The photo of the Spanish bb team provided by Heidi reminded me of another sports incident that happened a year or two ago. A South American soccer player made the exact same gesture after scoring a goal. There was some controversy over it by Americans who saw the footage, who wondered what he meant by it. After seeing this new photo I'm wondering if this gesture is common among Latin countries - maybe the Latin world is not as sensitive to racial stereotypes as the rest of the world is?


Hi Heidi thank you for the link. I didn't know about Spanish team.


Gomen! I forgot to include the link to the pic of the Spanish BB team after their "victory" over the Chinese team. Here it is:



Ocha to oolong:

Many folks here in NA drink lots of green tea, chai and Chinese tea. It is considered very healthy. Many restaurants and coffee houses serve it without sugar or cream. Many people make and drink it at home for good health.


What were these idiots thinking?!? Here is a link to a terrible picture of the Spanish basketball team (I was very offended by this picture). It's hard to believe an entire olympic team could be so publically rude and stupid! I guess the Spanish BB team has a very narrow view of the world (sarcastic pun intended). At least Yao can hold his head 3 feet above theirs and look down on them. Yao don't need no stinkin' medal - Yao's got class!


I'm english so i love my tea :D

We are the largest importer of tea in the world 8D


I was surprised that the US and Japanese uniforms were actually very similar. Basic blue and white. I still remember in 1984 (I think) when the US team wore cowboy outfits.

I gotta say I was more interested in the uniforms the cheerleaders ringing the parade route were wearing this time around :)

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