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Friday, September 19, 2008



a good site to check for all stuff fun. if you read japanese check out hiroburo.com good site.


We have a Daiso right outside San Francisco. Since it's a big store (and part of a chain), we can't have it in San Francisco.

But we can visit Daiso while we go to le Tar-get!


Japanese toilets are simply the best in the world, when I was in Japan the other week I was admiring them yet again, the rest of the world should adopt this incredibly civilised toilet. I love that jet of water, it always seems to hit the right spot and you can adjust the strength of the water flow, would be great to have them in the UK!


How do you find stuff like that papercraft site?? That's great.

When I lived in Queens in NYC, we had a Japanese 100 yen store near us (I can't remember the name, but it was a chain from Japan). It was amazing compared to American 99 cent stores. We bought a lot of stuff there. I won't even go into most 99 cent stores, they're too low class.

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