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Wednesday, September 24, 2008



LIBdWu Kudos to you! I hadn't thought of that!


I had a Vaio and I spilled a glass of red wine on it. So I removed the battery and washed the computer under the tap, then I dried it as much as possible. I left it for about a week in a warm, dry place, and it was fine!

Chris Kuan

Ooopss... (^_^);


yes!! I killed it with cocoa!

Chris Kuan

Wah mari-san, you killed another laptop?


Is that person's body somewhere in that awful room?

Also, PETA doesn't really help animals. They're more like the Taliban in that they want people to follow their way of thinking. Which doesn't really have anything to do with the welfare of animals (or people for that matter) at all.


The blood type thing really reminds me of astrology, except you only have 4 'signs' instead of 12. And I tend to believe it about as much (i.e. not at all). Then again I don't even know my blood type so I can't exactly check how accurate their predictions are...


I never understood the Japanese fascination with blood types. Or maybe I'm too wary about such things.

Maybe it has to do with the fact I have 3 brothers and we all have the same blood type(believe it or not) yet we are so different. From personality to tastes, we have very little in common.

Now I feel like buying blue Chinese prawn crackers, just to see if the appetite thing is true. XD

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