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Monday, September 22, 2008


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I like this post is very interesting and I didn't know to many things that you has written over here... It is fabulous I really want to learn more about it!.

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I think is very creative what they do with their cell phones that takes alot of concentration and skills too not just anyone can do what they do very nice and beautiful i think i am gonna ave my own version of it i am gonna try it.

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It is very interesting topic you've written here..The truth I'm not tied to this, but I think is a good oppurtunity to learn more about it… And as well talk about a different topic to which I used to talk with others..


okay i will be Rozen Maiden!!


Rozen Aso is the new Prime Minister! Akiba-kei rejoice!!

Go for the Rozen Maiden costume Mari!


That origami was truly amazing!

I'm reminded of the funny Ramens' video about origami, where the two origami "masters" created things so complicated that we knew they were just silly. But this man is creating real sculptures that almost seem that impossible.

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