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Tuesday, September 23, 2008



I nudged my crotch against her butt.
In a final display of sanity before his mind turned to sludge, Tom realized that some of his prized collectibles were directly in the path of his soon to be spitting penis. He'd already bent -- thankfully, only slightly -- a couple of the one sheets he'd bought, and made an imprint of the photo frame that housed his Karloff picture, on his shoulder blade, and he wanted no further victims of his lust. Though his body was quaking and gasping, his brain impressively sent a message to his arms and hands. First his right hand, and then his left, swiped away his treasured items so that they wouldn't be in the path of any spurting fluids. That flurry of preventive activity completed, his brain returned to its besotted state of preparation for sperm ejection.
“Now you just stay like that,” she said. He didn’t stay like that for long, though, the tip of her tongue made him moan. Made him greedy. He hunched back towards her, she complied by rimming his opening.
With 2 fingers in her ass I scoot down her body and lick her pussy fast and light. She's breathing heavier and faster.
No more words were spoken at that point. The two of them cleared off Tom's collectibles from the bed, pulled down the covers and crawled under them, exhausted...even though it hadn't even reached 9 PM yet. They rolled together, snuggled against each other front to front, then eventually spooned front to back. They slept until about 2 AM, at which time Lisa again straddled Tom's head and wanted his tongue inside her. She returned the favor between his legs and they licked and sucked each other to one last orgasm for the day. They fell asleep that way, still in the sixty-nine position with Lisa on top of Tom. Their sleep was not broken again until after 10 AM the following day.


"No, she was so ready for her bisexuality, far more than me, that she soon found someone else to do it with. Within a couple of months they were lovers, much to the amusement of the other girls and frustration of the boys, but we stayed friends. I wonder where we would be now if we had actually touched each other?"
“Yeah.” Cathy said.
Your ass may have looked good before but now naked it looks so sensual and inviting. I lean over and lick your pussy from behind driving you wild. Then I have the over powering urge to tongue your beautiful ass so I swipe my tongue from your pussy up and over your tight hole and back to your pussy. You gasp out loud when my tongue touches your naked asshole. I really begin to get into it and grasp both of your curvy ass cheeks and pull them slightly apart so that I can get my tongue in deeper. Probing your pink aperture with my tongue as I insert two fingers in your dripping pussy. You start whimpering, gasping and rotating your ass. Whether it is voluntary or not, your body is telling me you want more. I can tell you want more and I'm ready to give it to you. I lick some more around your rosebud and gradually apply more and more pressure.
We fell asleep for over half an hour, when I awoke, I had rolled over with my ass facing her and she was proceeding to rim my butt hole. She got something from the bed table, which I quickly discovered was a small vibrating butt plug, lubed it up and began inserting it in my anal canal. "Tell me if this hurts, or you just don't like it, and I'll stop." She cooed, as she proceeded to carefully insert the plug in my ass with one hand while using her other to lift my cock so she could lick the underside. The combination of her oral attention and the butt intrusion had me once again, hard as a bone.
"Oh, I'm getting laid on a regular basis, but no one I want to spend any time with, and a bunch I don't ever want to see again. I kept the little house I bought to live in during the divorce; it was 100% VA financed, so I figured I'd use it as a rental property, but lately I've been using it as a place to take dates that I may never want to see again. 'Kept my old Toyota; 'don't really want them to know where I live or how much money I have; some of them are almost stalkers. I've had to go unlisted on the home phone and change it a couple of times. " I told her.

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So what happened? Is it back home? Did you manage to get it back to work?


buy Toshiba instead! my first Toshiba is 8 years old and still running, the second one is 4 years old. would never buy a laptop from any other brand...


Just don't buy SONY. Looks are important but not everything.


sorry to hear that. is the sony service decent? the reason im asking is my cousin (in japan) doesnt know what to buy for her new laptop.. any pointers? thanks :)

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