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Wednesday, October 01, 2008


M. Nestor

I tried mochi a while back, and when I did I was very cautious, because I remembered your entry about it being a deadly food. Thanks for making mochi such a thrilling experience!


It's interesting that konjac jelly is finally being recognized as dangerous in Japan. Much of it was removed from store shelves in the US several years ago, though most people never heard about it. This item, sometimes called "cup jelly," was usually just found in Asian markets.

I know about this because my wife is a huge fan of the Japanese game series "Monster Rancher" (モンスターファーム), and one of the odd "monster foods" mentioned in this game was cup jelly. My wife searched diligently until she found these things, and developed a liking for them. She was very disappointed when they were banned in the US because of the suffocation hazard.

(However, you can still find konjac jelly here; it's just given a slightly different shape and name.)

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