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Thursday, October 23, 2008



I wonder if it's cheaper to make commercials in China/Taiwan/etc than it is to make them in Japan. If so, that could account for the setting. As for the music, most Americans can't tell the difference between Japanese traditional music and other kinds of Asian traditional music, so the director probably just went with whatever he felt suited the commercial best. At least the actors spoke Japanese well, right?


Mari-san, I apologize in advance to all of Japan for the moronic behavior of any North Americans on any train lines in Japan on 10/31. If I was in Japan on Halloween, I would stay away from all trains for the duration and wear a paper bag over my head not as a mask, but in shame! (@-@)

I can't apologize for the moronic behavior of any other foreigners though (Brits, Aussies, EUs, etc.), cuz I ain't one of them! ;)

Apple Otaku

I was expecting to see Sekai no Heipo in that broccoli photo.

Haha, I enjoyed your comment about the Chinese music. Actually that kind of mistake doesn't seem so bad to me. When I watch Japanese TV I see much worse misconceptions about America. Sometimes the mistakes are so bad that I can't even understand what they are trying to convey. I have to ask a japanese friend to tell me how Japanese person would interpret it.

That commercial would probably not make it on the air in America. Too many stereotypes (like from the 1980s), so people would complain.

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