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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


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The charaben are such good art, it would be a shame to eat them! Japanese food/cooks are amazing!

Mari-san, do Japanese like to eat American style pie? (desert pie = apple, cherry, blueberry, pumkin, pecan, french silk, banana cream, etc. or savory pie = chicken, turkey or beef pot pie, or even shepherds pie (British))

A Nihonjin friend in Japan asked me to show her how to make "real American apple pie" because she could not find any authentic recipes (in Japanese) or any bakery that makes them.

I asked for help from a reporter/writer (culinary expert/sommalier) for The Japan Times and she said there are no bakeries in Japan that regularly make American style pies. Do you know of any bakeries that make American style pie?

When I see the loooong lines for new American food franchises like Krispy Kreme, I wonder if pie would be as popular?

I have a very silly fantasy about opening a pie shop in Tokyo! (^_^);


Thanks for the bento site, so yummy!!!


You have good taste in video games :)

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