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Friday, February 27, 2009



Sometimes I am asked to work until very late, but it is not true that it will lead to dementia. Maybe in some sections, people work day and night on rotation, though I don't need to work on weekends or nights. I can get off around 7 pm everyday, I really hate to work until late.

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This year's dressed up Orita-sensei appeared at Kyoto University. Do you recognize him? It is Riderman. It’s funny that they didn't choose Kamen Rider V3 (the main character), but Riderman (a side character).

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Since I hate narrow places, I hate Donki and usually don’t go there. Today, I read that their new store opened in Machida and it is much bigger and nicer than the other Donki stores. Oh, I can go there now. This is their first newspaper ad. Good, it looks very cheap. Since Daiso, the biggest 100 shop in Japan, is in that area already, Machida has become a mecca for discount shopping now.


Wow the new donki store looks really nice! Do all donki stores sell food? I dare not enter one before because of the clutter >_<

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