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Monday, February 16, 2009


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Yeah, some Japanese really have strange look for me too.

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By the way, the band is called "Peter, Bjorn, and John". Peter and Bjorn and John are three guys.

Chris Kuan


I think in the West we have a different view of those rockabillies in the park.

In Japan, people maybe think "oh, they are so ugly and embarrasing. We don't want to look at them. They are a disgrace".

But in the West, sometimes we think "oh, they are a bit sad - we should feel sorry for them that they enjoy this style that nobody else does. They are so lonely so this song reminds us to be kind to them".


Hi Chris, yes that song is nice so that I wonder why he chose such video for it. I am very curious. ojisan rock'n roll.

Chris Kuan

Those yanki fellows suit the song pretty well. There's a small sadness at being part of a group that people look down on or shun. Then the dancing goes well with the strong beat of the song, but it's not a high-energy dance - more like a robotic shuffle with little exuberance.



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