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Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Fire and water retardant digital storage case was released. You can use HDD from outside via a USB port without taking media out. It's 165,000yen. Of course, it's expensive but I guess these storage cases will be sold well to regular people.

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In Japan, taxi fare is so expensive, the taxi fare starts at about 790yen (about $8) and then after that every 288m, 90yen counts towards it. But in this bad economy, people try to save taxi money and walk. This passometer calculates how much taxi fare you saved from your walking. That's good.

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Wow! this is a new flash manga, when the blue line appears, you click it and go to the next page. The story is people are infected by a "computer virus" via goggle-type PCs. The virus deletes people's memories. A doctor was developing a therapeutic agent, however he got the virus before he completed it. I think this type of manga will appear more, I don't think manga can stay only in a paper world. Of course we can read manga on the Internet but basically they are scans from the original paper.


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When we visted Tokyo last year, at first my wife wanted to take taxis to go everywhere. I had to convince her that the train was so much less expensive than a taxi. (I think perhaps she just didn't want to walk anywhere ;-)

Many years ago, my wife actually worked as a taxi driver in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She insists that taxi drivers need to know the location of everywhere in their area that passengers might wish to go. It surprised her, then, that our first taxi driver in Tokyo didn't know how to reach our small hotel.

My advice to anyone visiting Japan is to chart your course on Google Maps, and print out everything. Without the map I gave that driver, we might still be lost in Gotanda!

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