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Thursday, February 19, 2009


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Google map recommends using a kayak to get to Japan. I checked the Atlanta to Roppongi route today. I can confirm that after reaching Japan, the guide is quite correct. You can get to Roppongi without going astray. Only the kayaking part would be hard.

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Japan has few immigrants because of our history of national isolation, so the variety of last names is lower than other countries' though we still have some rare names (we call them "chinmei"). Anyway, this is a funny news item (web-translated): a guy who loves rare names stole nameplates from house entrances and gates. The strange part is that he would lay the nameplates on the floor and sleep on them. Hmm… he has a real rare name fetish.


Talking about funny names, I wrote this post before: a guy traveled to places whose names sounded funny in Japanese. Then I heard that Africans laugh when they hear the name of the Japanese prefecture "Kumamoto" because in some language "kuma" means vagina and "moto" means hot. In Italy, we're not supposed to say the names Isono?Katsuo (the brother in the manga Sazae-san) or Kaga Mariko (an actress). I don't know why they are strange though.

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Possibly God desires us to satisfy a couple of mistaken many people just before assembly the fitting 1 in order that once we lastly meet up with the perfect human being, we are going to know the right way to be thankful for that reward.

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I'll go my way by myself here's how that comedy ends
I have to deny myself love and laughter and friends
With clouds in the sky above have put the blocks on my fun
I'll try to fly up above for my place in the sun
I'll face the unknown I'll build the world of my own
No one know that I denied myself I found myself alone

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Normally I wait until I have the newspaper in hand on Sundays before working on the large puzzle, but I peeked at it on the computer last night and couldn't stop until I'd finished! I didn't even check it here till10 a.m., just slept like a log in total bliss...

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The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for circumstances they want , and if they cannot find them .they make them.Do you understand?


'in some language "kuma" means vagina.' That language is Swahili, the most common language on the African continent.


Speaking about funny Japanese names- here is something from Bengali (the language in Bangladesh). The Japanese name Hagimoto will mean "I poop, you piss..." in Bangladesh. Because in Bengali "Hagi" means "I am shitting" and "Moto" means "You piss"! When I first came to Japan, I was quite shocked to learn that there could be a name like this in Japan.


Hi there! ah Isono Katsuo means it! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha thank you very much for telling me. Alice, it's funny. She has "very nice"


Actually the real spelling is "sono cazzo".


Isono Kastuo means "I'm a dick."


I don't know about Isono Kastuo, but I'd imagine that Kaga Mariko is weird in Italian for much the same reason that it's weird in Spanish (where "caga marico" would mean something like "poop, gay man" in fairly offensive terms)


my friend has a great Japanese name. her family is Chinese, but they lived in Japan for a few years when she was growing up. they adapted the kanji of their names phonetically into katakana. and the results? my friend's name is "chou ii." her mom's name is "sou da."

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