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Monday, March 30, 2009



This isn’t a problem for me, but on the Internet, an opposition movement has formed. Apparently, some people love that mysterious cube meat (it was called “dice meat”).
If you are a PC nerd and like to go to electronics shops, you would know about the series "KUROTO SHIKO" (professional type). I didn't know that cartoon logo guy was based on a real person. This is photo taken in Akiba.


we love katamari. it makes me feel sick though. Long time playing Katamari is dengerous to me.

Bamboo Cat

I'm surprised at these news!
Electric cigaretts!?
It's interesting!
I don't smoke because I'm an asthmatic, but I want to smoke with it.


The first Katamari game was fun and popular because it was unique and cheap. But all the other Katamari games they've made since then have made the concept boring.

That should be the next game, "Too much Katamari." ^o^

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