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Wednesday, March 25, 2009



Do you know Pop Japan travel? They seem to be a travel agency in California, but their tours are very unique. In May, they will have a dark side tour and Fujoshi tour (what is fujoshi). Welcome American fujoshi to Japan!

Hmm strange, Tomoko Miyake is called a big eater idol. This is her site "big eater TV". You can see the big size foods that are called "challenge menu" in each shop. She could eat them....orz

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The Empire State Building lights up in Japanese natinal flag color! Thank you very much. I didn't know they change color such often.

Yeah! My favorite manga is "Saint Young Men" and vol.3 was released yesterday! I have finished reading it already. Have you never read it before? Check this page, you can read one chapter here. If you like it, some sites upload sans or pdf files (here and here)

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My favorite manga is "Saint Young Men" and vol.3 was released yesterday! I have finished reading it already. Have you never read it before? Check this page, you can read one chapter here. If you like it, some sites upload sans or pdf files (here and here)


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As I understand it, the BEU was formed in 1915, as an outgrowth of the
Anti-German Union and I am principally interested in the period from
its formation through to (say) 1930.

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The supreme organ of state power and the sole legislative body in Japan is the parliament. It consists of two chambers: the Chamber of Representatives and the House of Councilors. The House of Representatives consists of 480 deputies, elected for 4 years, and the House of Councilors - of 252 deputies elected for 6 years. House of Councilors renewed by half every three years. Under the constitution, Parliament has full legislative power and has the exclusive right to manage finances.

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In A Busy Day, a wife jealous of her husband's interest in another woman. On her way to attack the couple, the wife interrupts the set of a film, knocking over a film director and a police officer. Finally, the husband pushes the wife off of a pier and falls into the harbor.

Chris Kuan

Pop Japan travel is fairly well-known in the American anime fan community. I have read about some of the tours they did (they even produced an English comedy manga about what it might be like to be on a tour).

The first time I travelled to Japan, I went on an anime tour organised by JTB and it was very interesting - we got to see inside a working manga studio and visited the Toei showroom. We even met HOJO Tsukasa (mangaka for City Hunter) (^_^)v


oh thank you for your helping uncleAllah, sorry for my mistakes.


"Empire State Building light up in Japanese natinal flag color"

-> "THE Empire State Building lightS up in the color of the Japanese national flag"

"such often" -> "SO often"

"vol.3 has released" -> "vol.3 has BEEN released"

"Ihave finised to read" -> "I have finised readING"

"They seems Travel agency" -> "They seem_ TO BE A Travel agency"

"they will have dark side tour" -> "they will have A dark side tour"

"Tomoko Miyake is called idle big eater" -> "Tomoko Miyake is called AN idle big eater"

"You can see big size foods that is called "challenge menu" in each shops"
-> "You can see big size food_ that is called "challenge menu" in each shop_"

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