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Monday, March 16, 2009



In the Kyushu area, Cherry blossoms have started to bloom. Maybe in Tokyo, people will have Ohanami next weekend. Here are crazy Ohanami costume items....orz

Japanese cosmetic company Kanebo had an old compact collection and they showed their collection in this site. Old compacts are beautiful and have a good mood.

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Telegraph UK picked "Top 10 'inventions' that changed the world". They picked Sony walkman and Sony Play Station, but I think Nintendo Family computer had much more impact than Play Station. Why did they choose two Sony products instead of picking Nintendo? Hmm, suspicious.

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Have you ever seen a wasabi plant? I mean real wasabi, not the tube type. In expensive Soba places they serve small wasabi plants and we grate them before we eat. Wasabi's acridity is changed by way of grating, nifty portal Z had such a topic today. She got a wasabi plant and cut, chopped and grated by shark skin and regular grater, and compared to regular tube type wasabi. She said cut and chopped wasabi is really fresh and it's not too acrid, very nice. And it differs from tuna's part too, fatty tuna (we say Toro) reduces the acridity. She realized tube wasabi is the most acrid and it doesn't have any freshness.

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