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Thursday, April 23, 2009


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Expedia did a survey on paid holidays: "Aussies take fewer holidays than most." Most, save for Japan and the US ...orz. I had 12 days of paid holidays and I have 6 more. In June, I got another 12 or 13 days. I will take more than 10 days this year!!

I read in this post that poop shaped bath additives have sold well. The Japanese word for poop is “unko” or “unchi,” which sounds similar to the Japanese word for fortune: “un.” So people bathe with poop-shaped bath addictives in order to seek fortune. I know that it’s quite a stretch, we just have a poop obsession. By the way, don't worry, that bath addictive smells like roses. :-)

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was arrested because he got drunk and stripped naked in a public park (it's the park behind the building I am working in now). He is in jail now. Ha ha ha, funny. As for SMAP members, Takuya Kimura is the most famous one, he appeared in the movie "I Come with the Rain" with Josh Hartnett and Byung-Hun Lee.


It's been hard finding a good or interesting topic to write about this week. Actually, this was the most interesting one for me: "Jesus loves Kit Kat." Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, I like this news too: "Colorado DMV nixes TOFU vanity plate citing obscenity concern."

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i never find this article on internet.

Martin F

I totally defend Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, nothing wrong!


Hi Jeff
When you are sick, you will have day off? And it will be pay off day or company won't pay ?

I envy you Peter, 31days! wow a lot


Poor guy. I wonder how this will affect SMAP.

Why did he suddenly go crazy I wonder.


I get 31 days holiday here in England and I take it all, it does not seem enough to me! The UK does not receive many national holidays though.


I have read that Americans actually take the fewest total days off, because we only usually get 10 company holidays per year, whereas Japan gets 13 or 14. I know for me right now it feels like I have been working non-stop for the past 2 years! I am taking a day off tomorrow just because I can't take it anymore, and then I'm finally taking my first real vacation in 2 years next month. I have 3 weeks of vacation saved up and it's only April. My wife has eight weeks saved! This is because we never use it... in a bad economy, being gone too often just makes you seem expendable as an employee. I hate it, which is why I'm trying to open my own store :)

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