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Monday, April 20, 2009


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Saizeriya will help you, it's an Italian TYEP japanese restaurant. You can eat pasta, pizza, and other foods of Italian taste at a very cheap price. Pizza is $4, Pasta is $5. I won't say they are Italian, I will say they are Japanese food with an Italian taste, but at least you can enjoy something else but Japanese :-) Since they are a chain shop, you can fin

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one guy who loves that meat and cup noodles, went to the museum and made his dream-come-true before that meat was gone. He chose meat, meat and meat as topping and ate meat cup noodles, and also he made a lunch box with that meat. Ha ha ha, I don't need it, but I want to make my original cup noodles! It'll be fun.


Did I tell you? Many cup noodles fans are so disappointed by the news Nissin will change cup noodles meat into char siu. Since today they started to release new shar siu cup noodles, I am not sure we can still buy that old one at shops. The unidentified meat is called minch cube and it is pork meat. By the way, there is the instant ramen museum in Osaka and there, you can choose topping and soup and make your original cup noodles.

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I think every man want difference in so I think they want difference in this cup so they changed.


Perhaps they should offer Cup Noodles with dog meat! It seems some Japanese seem to enjoy the taste of wan-chan niku:


Marco Bresciani

Few days ago I've tasted probably the last "old" original Cup Noodle flavour... I loved it! Want it again!!!


Saizeriya is really cheap, and not that bad. I wonder how they can keep prices so low. At first I thought it was part of a money laundry scheme, but on second thought, I noticed they always rent cheap locations (usually underground or 2nd floor) and get many ingredients from China (the price is that you sometimes you get a melamine contaminated pizza. :)).

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